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Buying Solar for you home or commercial premises in Perth and Outer Western Australia is simple with 3Solar quotes WA.

3Solar quotes WA understands the WA climate and the needs of the residents.  We offer great advice and reviews on top products available in Perth.


Firstly, here is a diagram of how a Solar system operates:-

How does Solar work

Here at 3SolarQuotesWA, we have weeded out unscrupulous Solar installers, so you will only receive quotes from reputable Western Australian Solar Companies, however we have outlined some of the things to look out for, when looking for a Solar quotation for your home or business:-

Shop Smart

Like shopping for a car, you need to compare deals, and compare like with like.  Have a good look at the quote you receive and measure up against another quote or advertisement, to see if the quantity of components is the same, and the components used are similar in quality.  All Panels and in particular, Solar Inverters, do have to be on the Western power approval list, and your installer needs to be CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited in order for you to claim the Solar trading credits (Government Rebate).

When is a 5kw system not a 5kw system?

Some advertisements in the paper or on television, or on letterbox flyers, may offer a good deal, that seems the best price possible.  However, beware, as they may be selling you, for example, a 5kw system, with a 5kw Inverter, but only 3kw of panels.  The size of the system is dictated by the number of panels on your roof.  If you are quoted a cheap price for a 5kw system, that has a 5kw Inverter using 250w Panels, then you should have 20 x 250w panels on your roof.  If there are only 12 x 250w panels listed in the quote, then you are only going to produce up to 3kw of power.

Beware of the High Pressure Salesperson.

high pressure

Don’t be rushed to make a decision.  Some Sale people can come across over exuberant, and pushing the sale with a lot of hyped up sales tactics.  Using terms like, ‘this deal only available for 24 hrs’  or ‘get a free upgrade if signed today’.

Buying Solar is a big purchase and needs to be a considered decision.

Make sure that the Sales person, answers any questions you may have, and explains about the 10 day cooling off period.

The Upsell!

If the sales person tries to sell you a larger system than what you require, then listen to the alarm bells.  If you are on your own or are a small family, then you would probably be looking at 2-3kw size system, depending on the appliances you use.  An ethical sales person will show you ways of using your power more efficiently, and not oversize the system, to make themselves more commission.

If the sales person tries to sell you a larger system that what you believe you need, ask them to explain why they are suggesting a larger system for you.

Watch out for the Extra’s!

Hidden extras

We all see the advertisements in the newspaper or on television, that offer this unbelievable price on Solar, but after you signup, out come the extra fees!

Sometimes the low cost is not down to low quality, but because it does not include some costs in the total package!

When you receive a quote from a Solar Company, make sure it is the final quotation, and ask what the price includes.  Questions to ask are:-

  1. Does it include GST?
  2. Does it include installation, and if my house is multi-level, does it include access equipment for double or multi-storey building?
  3. If outside the metro area, does it include travel and freight?
  4. I have a high pitch, does the price allow for installation with safety measures (safety harness etc.)?
  5. If I have a flat roof, does the price include tilt legs for panels?
  6. Is it extra if I have three phase power, instead of Single Phase

Questions may vary depending on where you live, for example, if you are in the country, you may need extra cabling, and cable trenches dug, between house and shed.

Make sure the Sales contract details the inclusions, and if not included in price, ask for confirmed price for extras.

Solar Quotes WA, have made it easier for you to get Solar quotes for reputable Solar Companies in Western Australia, but we still do advise to make sure you understand your Sales Contract for your purchase and ask the questions, as suggested above, before signing on the dotted line.


4 thoughts on “Solar In WA

  1. Great service and good that you are located in Perth and know the reputation of the installers that are quoting! We had very good quotes from all 3 quoting for us and the sales person was quite professional and did’nt do the hard push!
    We have chosen an Installer and look forward now to installation!
    Thanks Nicolas!

    • Hi Debra, and thanks for letting us know that you have got a result with a good quote for your solar requirements in Padbury. Let us know how the install goes as we like to get ongoing feedback on the installers and their work!
      Best regards, Nicolas

  2. Thanks for the great service! We have been put in contact with several clients, who have now proceeded in purchasing through us! We have found your platform the most reliable for solar leads in WA. Cheers, Lisa Cuthbert, NewLife Solar

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