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Local Solar quotes in Perth and other areas of WA, for local Residents.  Get matched to local Solar Installers in your area!

Here at Solar Quotes WA, we can match your Solar requirements with a Solar installer local to your area of Perth or the outer suburbs of Perth or Rural areas of Western Australia.  We have the experience and knowledge to help you get the Solar system, suitable to your needs and budget!





For over 60 years the name Fronius has stood for intensive research and the constant search for new, innovative solutions. The perfect efficiency of every product has repeatedly been awarded both national and international prizes.

Fronius is the premium brand of Inverters offered in Australia.  Fronius is designed and manufactured in Austria, and opened their Australian Solar Branch for Solar Inverters designed for the Australian Market in 2010.

Fronius Inverters are used widely in commercial applications and residential applications. Fronius is our premium recommendation both for quality, and high efficiency and is available in single phase, three phase and Hybrid (Battery storage) installations.

View data sheets on the range of Fronius Inverters below:-

Fronius IG_Plus_AustraliaFronius_Energy_Package_datasheet_





SB-SE Smart PicSMA tripower5-9k_11 PICSMA single phase pic

SMA have their headquarters in Germany where all Invertes are designed.  SMA Australia has been in operation for over 10 years and is a premium inverter recommended for Commercial and residential applications.

As a leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology, SMA is setting the standards today for the decentralized and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. More than 3,000 SMA employees in 20 countries have devoted themselves to this task. SMA  solutions for all photovoltaic applications and SMA surpassed service offer to customers create greater independence in meeting their solar needs.

SMA are the closest Rival to the Fronius Inverters, and are about the same cost as Fronius (Premium Price)

SMA Inverters are available for Single phase, Three phase, and Hybrid (battery storage) to both the commercial and residential sector.

View data sheets on the SMA range of Inverters below:-

SB5000SE-Smart Energy


STP5000TL 3Phase SMA


Founded and manufactured in California, Enphase introduced Micro Inverters to the World in 2008.  Enphase are our recommended No. 1 Micro Inverter available in Australia today. The Enphase Micro Inverters are installed to each individual panel, allowing greater efficiency of each panel and effects of shading reduced.

Enphase microinverter_480x300

Coupled with the ‘MyEnlightighten’ software for monitoring of the systems efficiency, the Enphase Micro Inverter is a Economical choice for your solar requirements, both for Commercial and residential applications.

Read about the MyEnlighten here: ENPHASE MyEnlighten

Enphase have created a Home Energy Storage package to rival Tesla, but more economically priced.

Storage Overview  | Enphase

  • Lower upfront costs

    • More affordable than other storage options
    • Simple installation keeps extra costs low
    • Modular for a solution that’s exactly what you need
    • Higher performance

      • 96% round-trip efficiency
      • 2 cycles per day for twice the value and faster payback
      • Most usable capacity (>95% D.O.D.)
      • Greater reliability

        • Lithium iron phosphate chemistry from Eliiy Power for long cycle life
        • Minimum 10-year expected life
        • No single point of failure


For more information refer to the following data sheets:-

ENPHASE MyEnlighten


Enphase ACBattery-DS-EN-AU_0


Goodwe Solar Inverters are rapidly becoming the Popular Inverter used in Australian Solar installations today!  The Goodwe Inverter is affordable yet reaching the same efficiency levels as the SMA Inverter, which is sold at a higher price!

GoodWe is a company that focuses on building the brand continuously. Since the establishment of the company, the brand has been improved by quality, service and cost effective products. The single-phase, single MPPT model GW4000-SS and the three-phase, dual MPPT model GW17K-DT from GoodWe have been awarded Double A in the strict Photon Test, ranking Top 2 among the residential models and Top 5 among the commercial models in the world respectively.

GoodWe has been listed as “Advanced Technical Enterprise” by the local government, “Top 20 Chinese PV Inverter Enterprise in 2014” by PV365 Power Station Website, “Top 10 Chinese PV Inverter Enterprise” by Shine magazine, “Top 10 Chinese Solar Inverter Brand” by BJX magazine, “Top 10 Chinese Solar Inverter Brand” by PV CHINA, “SNEC MW Golden Award”, “Best Employer in Suzhou” and so on.

Goodwe is readibly available in Perth , and has Intigrated WiFi Solutions, with multiple user access and mobile Apps.

Read up on the Goodwe Solar Inverter here: NS-Series , DT-series

You would be wise to consider the Goodwe Solar Inverter for your Solar requirements at your home or business.


Bosch inverter

Bosch Inverters are manufactured in Germany and have a great reputation for quality under the Bosch Brand.  Bosch Inverters are slim and modern and easy to install, and suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Bosch Inverters are suitable for single phase applications only and are readily available in Perth.  A german manufactured Inverter with high quality but more economical than the Fronius or SMA.

Datas sheet for Bosch Inverter here: Td_Bo-BPT_S_3_46-En-1504

We have recommended the above top 5 Inverters, based on quality, and quantity of installs in western Australia.  We advise that you should also do your own research on which Inverter would be suitable for your requirements.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the Inverters, I have got a quote with the Fronius Inverter, and it has a 10 year Guarantee, where some of the others only offering 5 years.
    We are pleased with the quote, so thanks for the good service here you are offering! Got a nice local installer for the job too!

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